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How To Get Rid of Stiff Neck

We've all been there- you wake up with a stiff neck and it just ruins your whole day. You can't turn your head, you feel like you're in a constant state of discomfort, and overall it just puts a damper on things. But don't worry, we're here to help! In this blog post, we'll go over some stretches, pressure points, and herbal remedies that will help get rid of that pesky stiff neck. So read on, and say goodbye to your stiffness!

Stretches - do these every day to prevent stiffness

Doing the same activity over and over or sitting in an awkward position for too long can leave your neck feeling stiff and uncomfortable. Arm and shoulder tension can also refer pain to the neck, exacerbating these issues. Fortunately, taking 5 minutes out of your day for a few simple stretches can help relieve stiffness and relax a sore neck.

  • Start with slower range-of-motion stretches first, such as turning your neck slowly and gently from side to side, looking up and down, and back arching on both sides.

  • From there, try chin pressing into your chest, using one hand to push on your forehead while keeping the other on your chin, leaning against a wall while tucking your chin towards your chest.

  • Practicing yoga poses like mountain pose or cow-face pose can also help alleviate your pain.

Pressure points- target these areas to relieve pain

If a stiff neck is giving you grief, you may want to consider targeting certain pressure points. Applying gentle pressure with your fingers or palms at specific areas can help relieve the pain and allow your neck muscles to loosen up. For example, you can focus on the two hollows just underneath your collarbone where your neck and shoulder meet; known as gallbladder 21 and gallbladder 20, respectively. These Chinese meridian points are prominent in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which suggests a range of different herbal remedies for pain relief such as heating pad-activated Tiger Balm or White Flower Embrocation Liniment. The goal is to not only target these pressure points but also to take steps to avoid future stiffness, like stretching and exercising regularly as well as maintaining good posture.

Acupuncture Treatments are also a great alternative to help heal your stiff neck. It allows for blood to flow properly and release any tension. Book with us if your symptoms still persist!

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