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Traditional Chinese Medicine

Herbal Consultation

Traditional Chinese Medicine Consultation

The Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Consultation involves a personalized treatment approach, offering natural supplements prescribed by a qualified practitioner. Following a thorough diagnostic evaluation, these prescriptions are tailored to the individual's specific conditions and requirements. After the herbal consultation, patients have access to herbal supplements directly from the clinic.

How It Works

1. Book a Consultation: Schedule your consultation with David Di. Each session is a step toward understanding your unique health landscape.
2. Personalized Diagnosis: David will conduct a comprehensive assessment to determine the best course of acupuncture and/or herbal treatments for you.
3. Customized Herbal Supplements: Following your consultation, receive a customized herbal supplement plan designed to support your treatment and enhance your well-being.
4. Ongoing Support: Our clinic offers continued care and adjustments to your treatment plan based on the progression of your condition and your body's response to the therapy.

Customized Herbal Formulas Fee

Customized herbal Formulas                     $16 per day
Customized herbal Formulas             $75 per week/ 5 days


Q: How long does it take to see results from Chinese herbs?
Acute Conditions: Results can be felt within a few days.
Chronic Conditions: It may take weeks to months to see significant changes.
Preventive and Maintenance: Results are less immediately noticeable as the focus is on maintaining health.


Q: How often should I take it?
A: 1-3 times per day, depending on the formula. There will be an instruction included.


Q: Food restriction?
A: Depending on the formula, there will be an instruction included.


Q: Will the supplements be covered by my insurance?
A: No.


Q: Who should avoid TCM herbs?
A: In general, we suggest you don’t use it to replace Western medicine, especially if you have a serious chronic condition like cancer disease. We also caution, especially with herbs, if you’re:

Pregnant or nursing
Infants and young children
Scheduled for surgery
People with allergies to some plants
Liver or kidney disease


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