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General Acupuncture

Acupuncture is not only a treatment technique that can relieve pain; it’s also a means to promote the body’s self-healing system. Non-drug therapy is very different from other ways of treating problems. Generally, as a treatment for pain or sports injuries, acupuncture can have a significant effect in one or two weeks, whereas with other treatments, the patient sees obvious results in about a month.

It is recommended for patients to undergo treatment one to three times per week, and a single treatment session usually lasts from half an hour to an hour.



With electro-acupuncture, the practitioner uses low-frequency or medium-frequency micro-currents to stimulate acupuncture points through needles. Electro-acupuncture enhances the effect of acupuncture and relaxes the muscles even better. It alleviates pain and can be used interchangeably with general acupuncture.


Ren Needle

Ren needle is a relatively powerful method of acupuncture, especially for stubborn pain, sports injuries, and illnesses leading to restricted activities. It has obvious effects and promotes stronger reactions. Generally, patients take a week to recover after the treatment. Doctors may choose Ren needle according to the patient’s situation.


Finger and Palm Jue (Hand Acupuncture)

Finger and Palm Jue is a traditional Taoist treatment method. Taoists believe that our palms reflect detailed physical information. Finger and Palm Jue can determine the characteristics of diseases through the colors, lines, and shapes of the palms. Doctors use this information to help them conduct acupoint stimulation and treatment. The method can heal difficult diseases effectively.


Midnight-Noon and Ebb-Flow Acupuncture

Midnight-Noon and Ebb-Flow acupuncture is a relatively advanced technique in traditional Chinese medicine. It adjusts the body's biological clock by stimulating specific acupoints and facilitates the body's recovery ability. It can be a powerful help for the reproductive system, emotional problems, and certain stubborn, intractable diseases. This technique can be very effective in healing cancer patients' symptoms and pains.

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