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David Di has expertise in using both acupuncture and manual therapy to alleviate different symptoms and promote desired outcomes:

  • Injury and pain caused by exercise or long-term use of computers and mobile phones

    • Cervical spondylosis

    • Sciatica

    • Shoulder, elbow, wrist, knee, and ankle joint injuries

  • Headache, insomnia, acid reflux, fatigue, memory loss, depression, and concentration loss caused by work stress

  • Gastrointestinal dysfunction caused by diet, long-term constipation, and long-term diarrhea

  • Weight loss

  • Overcoming chloasma, acne, and fine lines on the face

  • Irregular menstruation in women and perimenopausal syndrome

  • Menopausal syndrome

  • Improving male sexual function and urinary problems

  • Improving the physical conditions of couples to increase the chance of fertility (A complete treatment cycle lasting from three to six months is recommended.)

  • Seasonal allergies, urticaria, eczema

  • Assisted rehabilitation of various chronic diseases

    • Functional recovery after stroke

    • Cancer symptom relief

David Di Traditional Chinese Medicine Specialities
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