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About Richard Lee

I had suffered from anxiety ever since I was in elementary school and the condition worsened during middle school. However, I was fortunate to have made a very sympathetic friend during junior high school and he would relieve my anxiety with some massage. The simple gestures made a very strong impression. As a result, massage has always been part of my life on the periphery. In my quest to pursue shiatsu massage, I found one of the most important things to be the intention of providing a humble service.

I have been working as a certified massage therapist in California since 2011. I am a trained shiatsu anma specialist, where I extensively learned about acupuncture points, traditional Chinese medicine theory, reflexology, and many protocols for various ailments. I learned Thomas Myer’s meridian train technique for sports massage/deep tissue massage. Another part of my training was dealing with trauma using a gentle Japanese acupressure technique. I also learned reflexology and essential oil massage. I always try to find effective and comfortable therapy for all my patients.

Pressure Point Massage

Why does David Work with Richard?

"Richard is an expert in manual therapy. A lot of people ask, David, whom do you need to call if you need treatment? I'll find Richard. Knowing him for 5 years now, I can confidently say that Richard is the therapist I rely on the most, especially because of his professionalism and compassion toward his patients.


He deeply cares about their concerns and well-being, providing treatment methods with the least pain and the best results through a combination of various manual treatment techniques. This includes Shiatsu, acupressure, massage, exercise, and stretching, and will also use Guasha, cupping, or moxibustion according to each patient’s circumstance. He specializes in chronic and acute pain management, sports injuries, and chronic fatigue, allowing him to pinpoint and alleviate physical discomfort in the course of comfort therapy."                                                                                                      - David Di

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