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Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatments in LA



1. General Acupuncture

2. Electro-Acupuncture

3. Ren Needle

4. Finger and Palm Jue (Hand Acupuncture)

5. Midnight-noon and ebb-flow acupuncture

Heating Treatment

Herbal Prescriptions

Acupressure and Manual Therapy

1. Acupressure

2. Manual Therapy

3. Tui Na

4. Hot Stone Tui Na

5. Pediatric Tui Na

6.  Abdominal Tui Na

Herbal Consultation

1. Traditional Chinese Medicine Consultation


1. General Cupping

2. Sports Cupping

3. Moving Cupping

4. Hijiama Wet Cupping

Gua Sha

1. Gua Sha On the Body

2. Facial Gua Sha

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