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•    Professional Gua Sha Tools – Designed by acupuncturist David Di our 2-piece bundle features Tai Chi Black Obsidian and White Jade Gua Sha stones to help stimulate blood flow and circulation, detoxification, and deep massage therapy.

•    Full-Body Myofascial Release – Our Gua Sha scraping massage tools can be used on muscles, around joints, and on soft tissues on the shoulders, hamstrings, quads, biceps, upper and lower back, and even the face for more targeted treatments.

•    All-Natural Obsidian and Jade – Great for myofascial release and soft tissue release our Gua Sha tools are made with premium gemstones which make them gentler on sensitive skin and provide a more effective healing experience for men or women.

•    Relax Muscles or Improve Recovery – A smart choice for pre-workout stretching or post-workout recovery our Gua Sha tools feature different edges to reduce lactic acid buildup, improve skin firmness, detoxify the body, and support anti-aging efforts.

•    Enhance Moisturizers or Serums – One of the best aspects of Gua Sha scraping tools is that they can also be used to improve serum, cream, moisturizer, and lotion penetration on the skin which further enhances hydration and skincare routines.

David Di Acupuncture Gua Sha Scraping Tool

SKU: 9764404672
$34.99 Regular Price
$25.00Sale Price
    • Genuine Gua Sha Stones (2 Pc. Set)

    • Black Obsidian and White Jade Stones

    • Versatile Treatment Surfaces and Edges

    • Crafted with All-Natural Stones

    • Supports Face and Body Care Efforts

    • Includes Storage and Gift-Giving Box

  • Due to the limited quantity of each production, our product is only sold in limited quantities in the store for pick-up.

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